The Australian motorcycle apparel brand born in Sydney, was a direct response to the lack of gear for riders that was built with the delicate balance of high-performance and aesthetic cool.”

Boss Hunting Official.

Steering away from conformity, our jackets are designed for riders who are tired of the typical motorcycle apparel and desire a brand that evokes style and edge. A product so stylish, you won’t want to take it off once you’re back on two feet – and you don’t have to. Our jackets are designed with dual purpose, for riders and non-riders, thrill seekers and free spirited adventurers. 

“Riding a motorcycle frees the spirit – you can find peace, seek out adventure, dare to be yourself. Your motorcycle gear should not only provide protection, it should amplify your spirit and your style.”

For Founder and CEO Belinda McPhee, it was this mix that ignited Blackbird Motorcycle Wear into life.

Protective elements such as CE-approved armour, DuPont Kevlar® inner liners, YKK zips and premium cowhide leather included throughout our range allows our tribe to feel safe and secure, yet stylish and comfortable. 

A Blackbird jacket is an item to be treasured.  You spend your life in clothing that defines your character, and clothing that protects your life when riding.  A blackbird jacket will do both. Building the bridge between style and safety, Blackbird riders maintain their individuality and boldness, their fearless attitude towards the journey ahead.

Over the past few years, the demand for a complete outfit saw the Blackbird range extend into motorcycle T-shirts, gloves, jeans and other accessories. Ensuring the quality of our products is streamlined throughout our manufacturing process, we select manufacturers that also place high priority on sustainble environmental and ethical practices.

Blackbird revels in the diverse landscape on offer, where no two destinations are the same.  Maintaining a thirst for adventure, the Blackbird rider doesn’t concern themselves with ordinary – a free spirited perspective on style, our tribe can now look good and ride safe, keeping the destination in mind.