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Relax…the silly season has arrived.

Pour yourself a cold one and relax – 2020 is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner!

The silly season is finally upon us, which means cracking open the champagne, getting ready for the Christmas lunch and commencing the search for the perfect Christmas gifts. Although this may seem difficult for some, fear not – we’ve created our Christmas Moto Gift Guide with all our top picks for men and women.

best christmas gift ideas for women 2020

Our top moto gifts for women

Let’s face it – it’s not easy shopping for your partner, your mum, your sister, your aunt… – let us take care of the Christmas shopping this year, and check out our moto gift guide for women this Christmas;

No. 1 –  The accessory she can’t leave the house without

Every woman has a few items she needs to take with her when she leaves the house, so why not make life a little easier for her with a versatile bag to transition easily between events? Our Nova Cross-Body Bag is the perfect gift – for the ride, the night out or wherever she chooses. She’ll be sleighing the game with this stylish add-on, which will coordinate perfectly with her Blackbird jacket.


No. 2 – The Jacket she can wear all year round

If you’re looking for something a little extra special to make her year, why not opt for a trans-seasional, luxe jacket she can wear for multiple occasions? Our Isla Jacket is the light-weight, versatile and stylish leather jacket she’s always wanted – with removable armour to transition effortlessly be styled from the bike to the bar. 


No. 3 – The gift that fits like a glove

Surprise her this year with a purposeful gift, and something she will  use for years to come.  Our leather Gloves make the perfect gift, in terms of value, size and use. With plenty of styles and colours to choose from, you’ll most likely be adding these to your own wish list!

Don’t forget these extra tips!

Gift returns & exchange

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and receipts closest for all major purchases. Make sure your gift can be returned or exchanged to Santa’s elves, just in case your moto femme is feeling a little unsure about her new present! Here at Blackbird, we’re offering returns up to the 4th January 2021 for every purchase, as well as exchange, so you (and your bank account) can have a stress-free Christmas!

Can’t decide? Why not combine?

If Christmas has you feeling extra Santa-mental, pairing a few smaller items together can create the perfect gift.  Our smaller value items such as our Gloves, Beanies and Neckwarmers complement one another perfectly, as well as  layering our T-shirts with our Cross-Body Bag to style up her ride.

Thinking of out-doing Santa this year and surprising your moto femme with a Blackbird Jacket of her dreams?

Check out this video with Jesse Appleby, otherwise known as Ducati Girl, as she takes you through our womens range so you can choose her new riding gear with confidence!

best christmas gift ideas for men 2020

Our top moto gifts for men


When it comes to Christmas shopping for men, it’s never a simple task.  We have create a Wish List they never knew they needed.

No. 1 –  The everyday T-shirt or Tank

You really can’t go wrong with a classic T-shirt or Tank for guys, especially if you’re planning keeping the budget tight this Christmas.  Our range of T-shirts and Tanks for men come in a variety of colours and styles, all incredibly great value under $60 AUD. 


No. 2 – The gift that keeps on giving

If you’re looking for a gift that will elevate his mood, a quality leather jacket will do the trick.  Our best-selling Wakefield Jacket is our pick of the bunch, designed with premium cowhide leather and removable protective armour to transition effortlessly from the bike to the party.


No. 3 – The moto essentials for the road

If he’s already kitted out with a classic motorcycle jacket, elevate his look with our moto essentials for some extra class. Our leather Gloves accompany any rider’s jacket and add that extra level of protection. Our mini moto essentials also extend to Merino Wool neckwarmers and beanies, ideal for filling the stockings with!

Still in need of more ideas?

Let him do the choosing!

Christmas is a time to disconnect from work, catch up with the family, eat all the carbs you want and watch Love Actually for the 100th time. Conserve your energy (and time) by letting him do the choosing with one of our Christmas Gift Cards, available for $50, $100 or a custom amount.  Then you can relax and unwind on Christmas Day, whilst he does his own Christmas shopping online – win win!

Help him style up his ride

The tree isn’t the only thing that’s getting lit this year 😉 Whether he’s after replacing a current part or looking to upgrade the aesthetic, there’s plenty of motorcycle parts to upgrade your man’s ride. Our top picks are available from Cafe Racer Club and Rocky Creek Designswhich offer some great additions for your ride including lights, mirrors, handlebars and other handy little accessories. Make sure to check they’re compatible with his motorbike first!


Want more info on our range?

Check out Urban Rider’s review on one of our top sellers – the Byron Jacket


Check out our blog page for more moto madness

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Christmas Moto Gift Guide
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