Ride into the mid-season with quality, timeless style.

As we step into a new season, that in-between period of unpredictable weather begins to settle in and once again it’s time to freshen up the wardrobe. Nail your mid-season biker attire with our top tips and favourite trans-seasonal pieces to help you navigate effortlessly between summer and winter.
Photo of two women wearing Blackbird Motorcycle Wear

Opt for quality over quantity for the mid-season.

Invest in a few quality pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways throughout the year. Focus less on seasonal trends, and more on timeless style so you can invest in quality gear.

With economic uncertainty still prevailing across the world, switch your intention to ‘freshen up’ rather than ‘replace’ to prolong your investment.

Photo of a man wearing Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Mens Wakefield Jacket

Wakefield Leather Jacket, Dark Chocolate

Photo of a woman next to a motorbike in Sydney wearing the Womens Venus Motorcycle Jeans, waxed black by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear

Venus Womens Motorcycle Jeans

Men’s Blackbird Long Sleeved T-Shirt, White

Photo of two men on motorbikes wearing Blackbird Motorcycle Wear
Khaki is the New Black…

Whilst pastels and bright colours may rule warmer weather, muted options with subtle hints of Khaki ensures your wardrobe stays relevant throughout the year.

As Khaki is the new black for motorcyclists and acts as a timeless colour for both men and women, it can be worn easily with earthy tones to keep things fresh. Slightly undone with our signature white Blackbird T-shirts paired with our Venus or Navarra motorcycle jeans, our range of lightweight textile jackets are ideal seasonless styles for your ride.

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Men’s Sahara Jacket, Khaki, Front-side

Sahara Motorcycle Jacket

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Men’s Black Hawk Jacket, Military Green, Front

Black Hawk Motorcycle Jacket

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Women’s Catalina Jacket, Olive Green, Front

Catalina Motorcycle Jacket

Lighten the Layers.

How to handle those half summer half winter days where it’s sunshine one minute, then cold and windy the next? Embrace lighter layers that you can easily take off after the ride – cover up on the bottom with boots and pants to pair with a light tee and lightweight jacket to throw on for the ride.

Photo of a man on a motorbike wearing the Mens Logo T-shirt Ash Grey by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear

Diversify with Denim.

For a lighter alternative, style your get-up with a classic denim jacket that’s both breathable but versatile to transition between cooler mornings and warm midday weather.

Ironically, black denim is your white canvas. Mix and match your Moscow jacket (with or without the faux fur collar) with our smaller, bold statement items such as our yellow or Bordeaux quilted gloves.

Photo of a woman wearing the Moscow Denim Motorcycle Jacket by Blackbird Motorcycle Wear

New Addition

A new addition to our range and available soon is our single layer abrasion-resistant denim shirt. Perfect to throw on for a short, casual ride, keep an eye on our page for product updates.


Don’t go light on the essentials…

Classic leather jackets, crisp white tees, black fitted jeans (basically anything black) – these essentials are key to crafting a durable, timeless wardrobe to maximise your items’ value.

A perennial style favourite and an essential for downtime dressing with flair, our leather jackets will quickly become your go-to throw-on for those weekends where a casual yet smart aesthetic is all the vibes.


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