Blackbird spoke with Lucia Braham, a Sydney-based photographer and motorcycle rider about her creative background, what she loves about photography, and her biker lifestyle.

Blackbird is always on the lookout for local talent and locations to collaborate with in order to produce content. Recently we teamed up with Lucia Braham to shoot two of our new women’s motorcycle jackets.

Check out part of the gallery below, shot at Restaurant No. 5.



With a background as an interior and photographic stylist for 10 years, Lucia altered her career to concentrate on photography.

“Photography has been a great transition for me over the last 4 years and [is] now my main focus with work.”

Photograph of a woman in a restaurant taking photos for Blackbird Motorcycle Wear
Photograph of a woman in a restaurant showing models photos for Blackbird Motorcycle Wear

Lucia’s edgy photography style perfectly captured the mood we needed to convey with the photography of our two new bold jackets, the Isla and Fly By Night.

Capturing friends through the lens brings Lucia the most joy. This is evident in the portrait photography on her creative profile.

As well as portraits, Lucia finds pleasure in photographing travel adventures and events. “The Boogaloo Invitational is most definitely my favourite place to shoot.”

Lucia began riding bikes over a decade ago after growing tired of being on the back of her brother’s and friend’s bikes.

Lucia has now been riding for over a decade and her machine of choice is a 1993 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster (pictured below). But her creative talents don’t stop at photography; Lucia has performed some custom mods on her own bike.

“It’s very far from stock and I’ve done most of the work myself.”

Impressed? So are we.

Lucia wears Blackbird’s Fly By Night jacket. As a self-assured and spirited woman building her own professional portfolio, we couldn’t have picked a better jacket for her ourselves. The wearability of the jacket off the bike is particularly important for Lucia, as she mainly rides on long trips, and can’t carry a lot of clothing. “I love the FBN jacket because it looks like a fashion jacket but has all the armour and safety you could want… It’s the perfect two in one.”
Image of a photographer taking a photo for Blackbird Motorcycle Wear
Photograph of a woman in a restaurant showing models photos for Blackbird Motorcycle Wear
Image of a photographer giving direction on a photoshoot for Blackbird Motorcycle Wear

You can check out more of Lucia’s work via Instagram.

Photographer’s Assistant | MELISSA BUTTERS


Location | RESTAURANT NO. 5